Parent Area

Dr. Google may not be the best adviser when it comes to searching information about our children's health….it may be very immediate but oh, how many unnecessary sleepless nights it has caused!

As each patient is unique and, it is best to consult your pediatrician. He/she is the one who has the appropriate training to properly interpret the signs and symptoms, as well as the results of the complementary tests of children and give reliable and personalized information.

For more information, here I leave you some links to reliable and scientifically rigorous websites where you can consult for children’s health issues.


    1. En familia: Written by pediatricians, designed for families.

In this website, you will find tons of very useful and reliable information about children’s health at different stages.


    Familia y salud: Website written by the the Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics. Similar to the previous one, it collects health and parenting information.



    3. Website of the Spanish Society of Pediatric Emergencies: it offers informative sheets about the most frequent reasons for consultation in emergencies. You can find indications on what to do at home and when we should worry and go to the Emergency Room.