About a year ago I moved to Sotogrande, a place with which I have fallen in love from the moment I arrived, and where I have always felt welcome.

As soon as I started meeting new people, I realised that, when I mentioned my job, the first question I was asked immediately was “Where do you work? I don’t know where to take my children to the pediatrician!”
I discovered then that there was demand for a confident and warm pediatrician… Could I be that doctor?… This is how “My First Doctor” was born. 
I have poured all my enthusiasm into this project, so I have tried to take care of every detail. First of all, I had to look for a good place: I needed a pleasant and bright place, adapted to accommodate strollers and with easy parking, so I chose the Sotomarket Shopping Center, for its good location, access and availability of services.
In addition, I wanted the space to have a modern design and at the same time, to be attractive to my young patients. For this purpose, I hired the services of a local architect, Mr. Pablo Sáez Hidalgo (Project Sotogrande), who correctly collected all my suggestions and designed the clinic I had always imagined with enormous creativity.
Medical consultations take time, especially in pediatrics, where active listening to parents and detailed examination of the child are the key to a good diagnosis. For this reason, I was very interested in designing a pleasant and fun playroom so that waiting times will fly by for children. It also has a toilet adapted to the little ones. This room is separated from the reception and the gallery of the shopping center for greater privacy for children and their families. The consultation is equipped with everything necessary for the correct attention of users.
We have specific software for the collection and custody of medical records that complies with the RPDG, on the protection of sensitive data. In addition, it has a Pediatrics module, for the adequate monitoring of weight, height and vaccination status of patients.
In short, everything has been built minding every single detail so that the child can receive the best attention, in an environment characterized by affection, good treatment and professionalism.